Mid-Season Mage Updates
May 20, 2016

Hello fellow summoners! As you may all know, with the last patch we got a lot of sweet content: bug fixes, nerfs, the new elemental dragons, and last but not least, an update to the mages of the Rift! In this article I will talk about the latter, go through all the champions which have received a buff ( or nerf) to their kit, and how these changed formed the meta of today. Ready? Let’s go!



Our favourite masked void mage received perhaps the most prominent changes out of all the reworked champions. In his current state, Malzahar is a must pick/ban. How? Well, first of all, he can now spawn an army of voidlings, and with the help of them he can solo the dragon as soon as hitting level 3 (!!!). This is obviously broken in itself, and if we add in the fact that once every 30 seconds he deflects a cc ability and takes reduced damage for a short amount of time, we will end up with a champion that is the most frustrating thing to play against since the introduction of Teemo to the game.

If you don’t believe me, just watch Redmercy melt faces with it:





We all knew the burning guy as the king of area of effect damage, but the brand new brand ( no pun intended) just got promoted to emperor. His passive now has an AoE effect to it, which in theory doesn’t sound that bad, but when you land a nice combo you can start a chain reaction, which will lead to multiple detonations on the enemy team. His presence in teamfights is now unbelievable. You either pick him out fast, or your whole team will burn like the Dothraki Khals in the last episode of Game of Thrones. Your choice.

Just to demonstrate his power, here is a video with him one-shotting Baron. Yes, you have read that correctly.




First you think: ” Her passive now spawns seeds. Is that supposed to scare me? Lul, get rekt plant woman!”, then the next thing you know, 8 angry plants are spitting pure death in your face, and then “First Blood!”. The reworked Zyra finally feels like the queen of thorns. Her old passive was one of ( if not THE) worst passives in the game. You would almost always miss with it, and even if it hit, the low damage just made you tilt even harder. On the other hand, the new Zyra feels super satysfing to play with. It is finally viable on mid lane once again, and for those who liked to play her support, well, good news: she is even stronger on that position! Oh, and even greater news: just like Malzahar, we can finally play Zyra in the jungle!! Give it a try, you won’t regret it ( not in ranked though, start with a normal game at least ).

To see how to jungle with the plant lady, watch this video:




Embrace the power of blood magic with the new Vladimir. The vampire of the Rift was notorious for his high risk/ high reward plays, and this aspect did not change. What did, however is that he can now sacrifice even more of his health pool in order to wreak havoc. While his passive and W remains unchanged, he got a few buffs to his Q and R and a totally reworked E. After casting Q two times, the next one will heal for a lot more and deals increased damage ( but there is only a short period of time in which you can cast the empowered Q). His ultimate now heals for a huge amount at the end of the duration, and his E now shoots blood in every direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hit, while also briefly slowing them. You can charge this ability to deal more damage to yourself and the enemies. While he is not as OP as the previously mentioned champions right now, he is still fun to play.


Just watch:



The snake lady now…doesn’t need boots. Yay! Finally, common sense and logic in League of Legends! Apart from this, she now spits her W in an arc, and that’s pretty much it. It may not sound much, but the boot change is actually huge. It means that in late game, she will have one more item to work with, without having to sacrifice movement speed ( as she gains that passively). Just like in the case of almost all the mage reworks, I can safely say that this too resulted in an overpowered champion. Have fun with it until Riot decides that it’s time for a nerf!



All hail the tentacle man! This change is the smallest out of all, it is basically only a buff to his damage output. Vel’Koz now researches his enemies after deconstructing them, and that means that his ultimate will deal true damage to them. This means that the laser beam literally melts everyone who gets in the way of the tentacles. Watch him in action!



While there are slight changes to some other champions, these are the major upgrades that really change the way how you play the respective champion. Some honorable mentions would be Annie, whose bear now gets enraged after her death, instead of dissapearing ( resulting in a Sion passive-like effect) and Veigar, whose passive now scales on hitting enemy champions ( this one is actually one of the most OP changes, and it enables Veigar players to go support and still deal a reasonable amount of damage). You should definitely check out these two in addition to the above mentioned champions. Riot did a really nice job making the mages more fun to play, and bringing back champions that were not viable for a long time. Okay, I gotta go now, have to climb ranked with spamming Malzahar jungle. Peace!






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