Addicted to League of Legends!
May 25, 2016

Addicted to League of Legends!


How many times have you heard that you should quit playing League of Legends or playing any computer game for that matter? Although the answer to this question differs from people to people, one thing is certain: it is higher than 0.

You have probably thought about the idea of quitting. You have probably deleted the game at least once, and you probably reinstalled it again. So what keeps you coming back, and is it worth coming back? Is playing LoL really a waste of time, as your parents like to refer to it? Is it really the cause of unachieved goals? Well, let’s see…


The Shelter from Reality



It is very rare for today’s teens to come to terms with society. We rather smash that play button over and over again than to face the struggles of everyday life. For some, this is the only source of temporary happiness. Playing  competitive games gives some meaning to their lives and provides them with a space where they can go back anytime to spend a few minutes without having to worry about important matters.

Nobody should feel guilty or ashamed for finding shelter in a virtual world. It is not our fault that life is hard, and it makes people forfeit sometimes. It is actually nobody’s fault. So just live and let live.


I’m addicted to LoL



People make it out to be our own fault for staying in the front of our computers playing games all day. This is only partially true. While we do have free will, we have to understand that we do not have power over anything that we do. The reason behind this can be expressed in one word: habits.

Habits were meant to make the life of our brains easier. After doing a repetitive task multiple times, patterns start to form. Next thing we know, we are doing things automatically. That is why we don’t have to think while washing out teeth, as we have done it so often that it became an automatic process.

Now if we combine a process like this with a reward ( like in the case of our teeth, fresh breath) we end up with a habit. The same goes for LoL: we do the repetitive task of playing, and we are being rewarded with IP, LP, and now even Hex-tech chests and keys. Riot knows what they are doing, as with the introduction of these chests, they have just doubled the chance of someone getting addicted to LoL.

While habits can not be deleted completely, they can be changed and moderated. If you want to find out how, I would recommend reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.


The benefits of playing



Now that we know why we keep coming back to LoL, we can finally take a look to the interesting question of: is it worth playing?

Well, we could take a really philosophical turn and ask: “What is worth doing in life?”. Some say it is what we enjoy doing. Others say it is what helps make our tomorrow better. Actually, both are true to an extent, the only real question here is: do we want to live for today or for tomorrow? Most of us seem to choose the first one, as we like instant happiness. If you want to achieve big things in life, however, you have to sacrifice a lot of todays. “ This doesn’t mean that you have to quit playing. If that is something that you love to do, then do it. Moderation is the key here. As long as you don’t lose your touch with reality, you will be fine.

Philosophy class over, now let’s go back to the benefits of playing. One of the biggest benefits is learning English. This is, of course, only true for players whose mother tongue is not English. Another great thing about games is that it can improve on our reflexes and cognitive abilities.

Don’t forget about the social part of the game too. Although the community tends to be quite toxic, there is a possibility of meeting people. I, for one, have met a lot of people in-game and some of them I can even call friends ( that’s right, not buddies, I have found friends among the trolls)



I do have a life

So can people really judge us, gamers, for nothing else than having fun? For finding a place where we can achieve some sort of success, even if we consciously know that it is not real? Well, they surely can, but I say let’s just ignore it, and do what you love to do. As long as you can keep it moderated and don’t forget about the more important things ( because, let’s face it, there are more important things in life) you’ll be fine. Now go and reinstall LoL!

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