NRG’s Revamped Roster – Expectations for the Summer 2016 Split
June 2, 2016

NRG’s Revamped Roster – Expectations for the Summer 2016 Split

During the Spring 2016 North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) split, NRG esports struggled to make a name for them in where they finished 6th in the NA LCS standings. Despite having 2013 World Champion, SKT T1 Impact on their team, they certainly had trouble finding synergy throughout the entire split. Due to all the troubles and concerns, NRG decided to revamp their entire roster so that it finds success during the Summer 2016 split and hopefully getting a ticket to worlds.


Roster Changes

This section will cover all of NRG’s roster changes from the Spring 2016 split till now.

Top Lane – Quas was a dominant force on Team Liquid during the year of 2015 but left the team due to personal reasons. Hopefully he turns the tables and performs just as well as Impact did for NRG. Both players play a similar style with the Meta tank picks. There is not much to expect from this given change.
Jungle – Santorin was a control type of jungler for TSM back in 2015 and also found huge success in Ember (MBR) esports prior to their financial collapse in early 2016. He is a top jungler in the North American solo queue ladder, and there is a lot to expect from this particular player. In a sense, you could say TSM was holding him back due to him having to be a control type of jungler. Overall, he is a huge improvement compared to Moon, and hopefully he performs.
Marksman – Ohq is often known for his solidified and consistent performance in any League of Legends game. He usually knows what to do and often gets damage off whenever given the opportunity. You can expect NRG to play around this particular player due to his talent and skill. Overall, this is seen as an improvement compared to Altec.
Support – KiWiKiD is a much more vocal player compared to KonKwon. However the potential in the bot lane is unknown as we haven’t really seen results as of yet. He is a big play maker for the team, and on paper, you can expect great things from this duo.

Final Comments

In short, you can expect this roster to come into the Summer Split with a strong showing. They certainly have the potential to do so with their revamped roster. You can tune into this Friday June 3rd 2016 at 11:00 PM EST to watch NRG take on Team Envy.




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