Smurfing in League of Legends
June 3, 2016

Why Smurf in League of Legends?

Personally, I consider smurfing as a means to avoiding high stress levels of League of Legends play. By this, I mean that people usually smurf to get in some easy games and get that confidence back up so that they will play better on their mains. Another reason could possibly be that players are trying new roles to play other than their main to specifically get better in that position.The cordless water flosser is essential for good oral hygiene and tooth care.

Where can I get a “Smurf”?

There are mainly two methods to buy a smurf, you can either make one through the main League of Legends website or purchase one from an account supplier. The majority of the community resort to buying smurfs as the main popular method of attaining one. League of Legends accounts that are not botted and unverified are typically the accounts of which are not flagged.
As for professional League of Legends players, Riot Games provides these players with accounts that are of diamond 5 mmr level so that they do not waste their time levelling an account and instead can focus on practicing and getting better. These accounts have access to all champions and skins.



Fastest Method to Leveling a Smurf

Ideally, the fastest method to levelling a smurf would either by playing against 3v3 intermediate bots on the Twisted Treeline or stomping normal Summoners Rift games with friends. At all given times, farming 3v3 intermediate bots will be the fastest method, however there is a penalty after 20 games of playing that game mode. In League of Legends, Summoner’s Rift games is the main game mode. If you’re looking to improve while gaining experience, this is the method for you. However, I highly suggest that you do so in a 5 man party so that it’ll be faster and your win percentage be higher as well.
Alongside playing against 3v3 intermediate bots, you can purchase experience and IP boosts from the Riot store using Riot Points which could be purchased. I highly suggest that you purchase these boosts as they will make your life a lot easier in the long-run. An important tip that most players forget is that the win+day boosts are stackable so you’d be gaining quadruple the amount of exp/ip as you would in a normal game without boosts.


As shown below, the exp has also been halved to get to level 30. In short, this means that it takes half the time to reach to level 30. This incentivizes legitimate League of Legends players to manually level their accounts.



Dynamic Queue – New System

For starters, let’s analyze how the new dynamic queue system influences smurfing. This system is certainly better for smurfing, you get to lock in 2 carry roles instead of relying on pick order to get the role you want. As for smurfing, normally you see certain individuals linking their ‘’ or ‘’ profile to convince you to give them their role. That is no longer the case with dynamic queue being beneficial for all smurfs.

Role Selection

Role selection before the queue process is another big thing in League of Legends. If you main anything other than mid, you want to select your primary role as your main and then mid as your secondary. The idea behind this is that since the majority of the players want mid as their primary role, there will be a higher chance that you will be receiving your primary role. The idea behind smurfing is to win as much as possible to climb up to around your main rank elo as well as learning different types of roles and playstyles. As shown in the image below, this is how you would want your role setup to be like if you play anything other than mid lane.


In League of Legends, if you comfortably play 2 or more roles, I recommend that you just select your preference of roles. This method only applies to those who want to play their best role and want to win as much as possible.

Champion Picks


As soon as you get into a League of Legends game, there are many approaches of which should be taken. As for champions, I recommend champions that have high kill pressure as these picks will get your team rolling. What I mean by that is, when you get first blood, not only will the opposing laner/jungler call for assistance, but you’ll free up your team mates to play more aggressive and ride the momentum of which you brought upon. From personal experience, as a dominant top laner, Renekton and Riven are solid picks as they both have extreme kill pressure and 1v2 potential.

Also it is important to note that those who primarily want to win, I heavily suggest picking a solo lane or jungler as they have the most influence in the game. Marksmen or support don’t have much of an impact in a game up until a certain point.

Communication with the Team

It is always good to have some sort of positive communication, but as a smurf, you shouldn’t look down on them at any certain point of the game. This is one of the struggling key points with smurfs till this day, they always think that they have control over the team and assert dominance over everyone else. Personally, I keep communication to a minimal, pinging is probably the most effective way to communicate with the team in League of Legends. Just like you 99% of players are out there to win, in most cases they’ll be trying their best to win games. Just like your team mates, you are human as well. It is very important for you to be a positive leader amongst the team, and who knows, maybe you’ll eventually get a nice ribbon for it as well.

Tips for Smurfs to get Better

There is never a pivotal points for any player where they should stop learning to advance their gameplay. There are certain tips that are provided through other guides. Things such as minion wave management and keeping up with updates are some of the many methods to which you could be learning how to play off of the rift.

Minion Wave Management

In League of Legends, as a smurf, you should look for every single opportunity to keep you ahead while not hurting your team mates. In the following scenario, it is shown that purple team’s top lane will be pushing into the blue side due to a purple side reinforcement wave reaching the minion wave before the blue team’s does.


As a top laner, if I’m on blue side, this is the perfect scenario for you. Your enemy is going to be losing more creeps while you’ll be gaining a considerable amount. If you’re on the purple team, this is something you don’t want to see during the lane phase, you’re going to be losing a lot of exp as well as being prone for ganks since your wave will be on the blue side. Not every smurf is aware of these small things, but it’s the small things that will make a difference in the long run. If I’m a jungler and I’m a smurf on blue side and if there are no enemies nearby, I want to push the wave to the purple side to gain exp as well as causing the purple team top laner to lose all of his creeps. In that scenario, you wouldn’t be putting your team mate in a losing position.

Professional League of Legends Players

You’ll almost never see professional League of Legends players that are currently in the pro scene. As previously mentioned, pro players receive certified Riot Games’ accounts that are of Platinum 1 matchmaking rating so that they don’t waste much time climbing the lower ranks. These accounts include unlimited IP/RP, all champions, all skins, etc. The real question here is how they continue to dominate on the rift. Truth is, they are very talented and dominate lane most of the time due to the knowledge of certain matchups. Anyone can learn these matchups, it’s just that it takes time and effort, two attributes that are required by pro players.
League of Legends pro players will call for any opportunity that may benefit them. For example, TSM Bjergsen will almost always call for the jungle once flash is down on the opposing side. Another method is that he can tell the jungle where it’s not warded for a potential gank. It’s these small things that can make or break the game. Pro players play nearly 8 to 12 hours a day, it is expected for them to be the best in the business.


Keeping up with Updates

As a frequent player of League of Legends, I can personally say that reading updates will help you become a better smurf in the process. Reason being that a lot of players don’t bother reading the update which will give you a slight advantage. While reading updates, it could possibly give you knowledge that other people do not have. For example, I remember when the 6.9 patch dropped and the new elemental dragons were released. Not everyone was aware what each of the dragons gave which eventually led to some confusion.
Changes such as a the mid-season mage updates are significant to the game as it changes the entire meta for mage picks. The EU Summer Split of 2016 has already revealed new champions such as Vladimir in the professional scene. Vladimir is now seen as a power pick that will be picked or banned in most games.

Addicted to League of Legends

Being addicted to league could be a good and bad thing. A good thing that could come out of it is the time commitment that you put towards the game. With continual effort and commitment, you almost always want to get better. However, it is not always good to burn yourself out. Being addicted to League of Legends can work both ways. Say you’re on a 5 game losing streak on your main, sometimes it’s a good idea to just logon to your smurf and regain your confidence there. Commitment is important, but it is also very important to not stress yourself out.

Final Comments

I hope that this guide has helped you to understand my knowledge behind having a lol smurf account. I hope that this will each and every single one of you dominate on the rift. Thanks for the read, I hope this has been helpful in some type of way to you!

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