Impacts of Patch 6.9 & 6.10 on League of Legends
June 4, 2016

Impacts of Patch 6.9 & 6.10 on League of Legends


What Significant Changes does Patch 6.10 Include?

For starters, the contents of the dragon rework has reshaped League of Legends in a positive way. Instead of teams ignoring dragon, patch 6.10 certainly has its benefits when dragon is attained. Along with the dragon changes, there is a rift herald change, mage changes and quicksilver sash changes. This article is meant to provide guidance as to how 6.10 should be played in League of Legends and hopefully overall improve your gameplay.Improve your home dental care and oral hygiene with a professional cheap water flosser.



How Patches Affect the Game

Patches could include a lot of things, generally they consist of itemization and champion changes in terms of nerfs, buffs and changes. It could potentially draw in some pocket picks in certain lanes due to particular changes getting nerfed or buffed. For example, in League of Legends, Azir has been a dominant as of recently due to other mid champions being nerfed. Patch 6.9 featured a lot of mage itemization changes that has also changed build paths for certain champions which also plays a huge factor in champion picks for certain lanes.
In League of Legends, patches usually always shift the meta. It could affect champion picks and overall pace of the game. Since season 5, dragon has not been considered as a priority objective for teams due to the lackluster benefits that you achieve each dragon. At 5 dragons, it is definitely worth it due to the true damage buff that each of your team mates receive. However, most teams consider it as a low priority objective up till that point.



Epic River Monsters

In League of Legends, patch 6.10, there has been massive changes to the epic river monsters such as Rift Herald and Dragons. In Patch 6.8, each dragon would give a buff depending on the order of the dragon of which was taken. The image below caters to each specific dragon, starting from left to right, the dragons are: mountain, ocean, inferno, air, and elder.



Infernal Dragon

A ranged attacker that can attack multiple enemies at a given time. When slain, it grants your team a % damage buff which boosts your permanent attack damage and ability power.

Mark of the Infernal Dragon:

+(8%/16%/24%) – Effect will be amplified by 50% when elder dragon is attained


Mountain Dragon

A ranged attacker with a slow powerful breath can damage multiple champions at once. When slain, it grants your team a permanent % damage buff against epic monsters and turrets.

Mark of the Mountain Dragon:

+(10%/20%/30%) – Effect will be amplified by 50% when elder dragon is attained


Air Dragon

A ranged attacker with a quick breath attack. When slains it grants your team permanent out of combat movement speed.

Mark of the Air Dragon:

+(15/30/45) – Effect will be amplified by 50% when elder dragon is attained

Ocean Dragon

A ranged attacker that slows its target. When slain, it grants the entire team a boost to a champion’s health and mana regeneration when out of combat

Mark of the Ocean Dragon:

Every 8 seconds restores 4/8/12% of your missing health and mana. Effect will be amplified by 50% when elder dragon is attained.

Elder Dragon

After 35 minutes, the Elder Dragon will spawn. As described before, when slain, the elder dragon will amplify the elemental dragons that were previously attained. However, the elder dragon also gives a unique buff to champions.

Mark of the Elder Dragon:

On dealing damage to non-turrets, this unit deals True Damage over 3 seconds equal to 45 + 45 per stack of Elemental Dragon Buff. This also empowers their current dragon marks by 50%.
The duration of Mark of the Elder Dragon is 90 seconds.


Personal Opinion – What’s the Best Dragon?

Personally, I would say that both the Infernal and Mountain dragons are definitely worth fighting for due to the massive benefits. In League of Legends why would you ever turn down % damage buffs that could quicken the pace of the game? If I were to choose one of them, in a solo queue game, I would definitely prioritize Infernal Dragon due to the initial 8% damage boost that your team will be receiving. I would then prioritize ocean, the regeneration is very significant. As of Patch 6.10, Ocean Dragon was nerfed so that champions would only regen out of combat. Prior to the patch, Ocean Dragon was the best dragon in the game after Elder. Elder Dragon is certainly the best dragon in the game, however, it only spawns after 35 minutes and require prerequisite elemental dragons to be a really strong buff.

Rift Herald

In League of Legends, there is a melee attacker that is resilient to ranged attackers, but leaves an open spot behind to deal significant damage. When Rift Herald is slain, it drops a buff that only one member of your team can wield. The buff is called Glimpse of the Void. Glimpse of the Void enhances combat abilities when no other allied champions are nearby. That means that it is usually given to the top or even mid laner depending on choice of champion.

Comparing the Old and New Rift Herald

League of Legends Patch 6.10 changed Rift Herald so that it is tougher to kill, only spawns once per game, and the buff lasts for 20 minutes even through death. Prior to the change, it was easily do-able from just the top laner and jungle. Patch 6.10 made it so that it would be more of a contested objective.

Glimpse of the Void

While there are no enemies nearby, you take X% reduced damage from enemy champions and generate corruption void stacks per second. At 100 stacks, your next basic attacks consumes all stacks to deal bonus magic damage on hit.


Will Rift Herald be Strong?

Through experience, Rift Herald will definitely be a sought out buff, but will be equally prioritized depending on the spawn of the elemental dragon. Rift Herald can change the entire game and can shift a lot of pressure to the opposing lane of the Glimpse of the Void wielder. You can expect this buff to make or break games.

Mid-Season Mage Changes

These are not all of the changes of the League of Legends mid-season mage update. I will be covering a few of the champions to give an idea as to what the two patches included. Patch 6.9 divided the mid-season mage changes to two categories; major and minor. I will be going over some champions of each category.
Brand: With the new changes to his passive, he will be considered absurd. At 3 stacks, enemy champions will explode for % damage. Prior to the change, it is the same concept without the stacks. Patch 6.10 has made him a stronger pick due to the damage increase of the passive, it just requires more skill shots to be landed.


Plant seedlings are now spawned at random locations on the map around her via her passive. Her Q has also been changed so that it is now a large rectangular shape. This means that you can pop a lot more seedlings due to her larger aoe.


Her passive on Dark Sphere (Q) has been reworked so that it no longer deals 15% increased damage. Instead, at max rank of Dark Sphere, Syndra can now plant up to 2 more spheres on the ground. This means that she can manipulate her spheres more using all of her spells.



He hasn’t seen a lot of major changes and is considered a minor of the two categories. However, there have been a considerate amount of tweaks to all of his spells, overall he will be a stronger pick.


For more information to the Mid-Season Mage changes, you can look at Patch 6.9 & Patch 6.10 notes for all of the changes. For those of you who are unfamiliar with League of Legends as of late, I highly recommend that you do so.

Mage Itemization

As shown below, there are new items that have been added to League of Legends in Patch 6.9 particularly for mages. All these changes can be found on the official League of Legends website. Alongside these new items, a lot of the mage items have been changed and revamped for additional unique build paths.



Quicksilver Sash (QSS) Changes

Alongside the midseason mage update, QSS has seen a deliberate change. The community has emphasized that you can no longer QSS Zed’s ultimate. Riot claimed that his change was a positive change because QSS was not operating as intended in League of Legends. The item is meant to cleanse crowd control spells, not everything. As for bottom lane marksmen, this is seen as a huge nerf and provides less survivability against assassins like Zed.

Final Comments

I hope that you found this article helpful and it is meant to keep those of you who are not updated with League of Legends with something look at. This was written in a simplistic way to provide information as well as my personal opinion for certain topics.

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